How many people can The N at Hardway Ranch accommodate?

Our inside reception area includes seating for up to 200 guests (without a dance floor). If you choose to utilize the covered patio and the lawn area just off the patio, you can accommodate more guests. The outside ceremony site includes seating for up to 200 guests. More chairs can be brought in for larger ceremony guest counts.

What is the alcohol policy at The N?

The deal with the alcohol is, you must purchase your own alcohol and bring it to The N before the event, but one of our TABC-licensed bartenders must serve it to your guests. We are not licensed to sell alcohol at The N. And you are not authorized to bring in your own bartenders. Bartending services range from $25/hour to $100/hour (depending on the amount of guests & alcohol you plan to have).

Do you have lodging accommodations for my guests?

Yes! We are partners with Hotel Lucy, a boutique hotel in Granbury. In order to rent The N at Hardway Ranch for your wedding, the Hotel Lucy property must also be rented for guest lodging. Hotel Lucy can provide a room block for your guests to assume financial responsibility for their individual room.

How many hours do we get the venue?

Wedding day rentals start at 10:00 AM. All guests, vendors, and the client must be completely vacated from the property no later than 12 Midnight.

Will other events be scheduled on the same day as my wedding?

No. There will be no other events scheduled or clients on the property on your wedding day.

Are table linens included with the venue rental?

Table linens are not included, however, we do have some to rent. They are $17/each, and color choices are black, white, ivory or navy.

Am I allowed to bring in my own caterer?

Hard Eight Catering is the exclusive caterer of The N at Hardway Ranch. Hard Eight Catering offers both casual and upscale menu options that are completely customizable to your event.